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Question: How long does it take to set up equipment?

Answer: Approximately one hour. This amount of time before guests arrive ensures we are ready for your event before anyone arrives.

Question: When is payment due?

Answer: A $500 deposit is due at time of booking. The balance is due two weeks before event. If full balance is not received one week before event, the booking is considered canceled. The deposit is non-refundable within 90 days of event.

Question: Can Sonic Ridge play music in multiple rooms?

Answers: Yes, we can. This is considered multi-location service and there is a charge for the additional equipment. Call or email before booking for options and pricing.


Question: Can you do outdoor events?

Answer: Yes, we can do outdoor events depending on expected crowd size and venue. There maybe additional charges for use of our concert system. Call or email before booking for options and pricing.

Question: Are there any limits to what Sonic Ridge can do?

Answer: Honestly very few. We thrive on challenge! Tell us what you want and we will strive to deliver every detail. Call or email before booking for options and pricing. 

Question: Does Sonic Ridge offer photo booth rental?

Answer: Yes. We work with great local vendors that specialize in photo booths that are fun and creative allowing your guests can find a way to truly express how happy they are at your event. It's a great way to build memories that last a lifetime.

Question: What happens after booking?

Answer: After booking, you will receive a call from Sonic Ridge to schedule your event consultation.

 We will meet to go over every detail to create a custom experience for your event. If at this point you decide Sonic Ridge isn't the right fit for your event we will refund the entire deposit and cancel the booking (deposit refund cancels all date reservations).

Question: What kind of music does Sonic Ridge play?

Answer: Whatever music you want! We will customize every playlist to suit what you want at your event. Sonic Ridge has access to the complete library of Google Music, iTunes, and Amazon Music including over 130,000 titles. We always have thousands of top dance tracks downloaded and ready to drop. For all our shows, we make every effort to play clean family friendly FCC compliant music.

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